Monday, 2 March 2015

Wind is sadly not my friend...

Ebay Burberry-esque jacket/ Asos headband/ Mulberry bag/ Public Desire boots/ Zara dress
Okay, so apparently attempting to take outfit pictures, in a dress, with a headband, in the wind, does not work out as well as I'd hoped! (Hey, hey, awkward faces and nearly showing my undies) Unfortunately these were the best of the bunch, I'm just so in love with my new headband I had to post something asap! I do wish I had got a better picture of my Zara dress, although I do seem to be wearing it all the time these days...
I've had this 'Burberry' jacket for a while now and although I'm guessing the chances its real Burberry are slim to none I still love it. I feel like it just goes with everything and its pretty oversized so I can put a load of jumpers underneath and still be super cosy!
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post about my hair! Maybe I'll get around to doing a post on how I even achieved this colour (I even surprised myself with the slight purple hue I've got going on) I wish I could say it was completely on purpose!


  1. lovely look! it suits you ! :)

  2. JACKET <333

  3. You're hairstyle looks even cooler when you've got that lovely hadband on! ♥

  4. I love that coat! Such a lovely outfit and you have amazing hair! Followed :) x