Thursday, 26 March 2015

How much pastel can you fit into one outfit?

H&M Jacket/ Vintage shirt dress/ Mulberry bag/ Converse
So apparently I was in a pastel kind of mood here! I couldn't resist, I love the colours together and this jacket is slowly becoming my favourite thing and I just can't stop wearing it (its already featured on here once!!) its a really nice thick material too so perfect on these chillier spring days England keeps having, keeps you just warm enough!
I completely forgot I owned this shirt dress until I found it hidden in the back of my wardrobe and re-fell back in love with it! I got it from a vintage store in Brick Lane a few years ago. Essentially it is a white shirt with the sleeves chopped off which has been dyed and added a little elastic around the waist, I was even thinking about trying to make one myself in a load of different colours, they're so easy to wear and just add a little extra something different to your wardrobe!
I'm actually heading to Camden and Brick Lane tomorrow in the hopes of finding some vintage gems, the perfect day out!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Red trouser day

Zara blouse & trousers/ Converse/ ASOS bag/ Vintage leather jacket/ Homemade anklet
Everyone needs a pair of incredibly bright red trousers in their lives, right? These little Zara babies are perfect. From a girl who once never wore trousers, and I mean never, I literally lived in skirts and dresses,(believe it or not I bought my very first pair of jeans last year and now own around 7 pairs, some would say that is slightly excessive?!) now I can't seem to get enough of them!
Ever since taking the plunge and dying my hair purple (big love to everyone who has complimented on my hair by the way, means a hell of a lot!) I seem to have got a tonne braver with the whole bright coloured clothing, I would normally go for the standard black, whites, greys, camels but now I feel myself drawn to all things colourful. I've become obsessed with the 'boho' look recently which is why I felt the need to stick on my converse and little ankle bracelet with this outfit. I thought it made it a lot more fun and casual and just a little bit more me!
I'm also trying to decide which hair colour to go next?! I really fancy a pastel blue or maybe even a baby pink? Life is too short to have the same colour hair every week...right?


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Have you stolen someones wallpaper?


Zara top & trousers/ Vintage Levi denim jacket/ ASOS bag/ Public Desire boots

I'm really loving this whole patterned trousers shindig right now, these are another beautiful Zara find (I'm starting to think Zara clothing is all I ever wear these days) though a male relative did ask weather I had stolen someone's wallpaper. Men just don't get 'fashion', I love them, their so unique and I think they'll be pretty easy to wear in the summer and winter months, basically all year round is what I'm trying to say! I also love the lace cut out detailing on this top, I'm really into simple shirts with really nice delicate details right now!
Also, I can't believe I've left it a whole week without posting. You know when you're going through one of those 'I hate ALL of the clothes in my wardrobes' kinda weeks, I just wasn't happy with anything! 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Purple hair and paisley trousers

Levi vintage denim jacket/ Zara blouse & paisley trousers/ ASOS bag/ Public Desire boots
Are these paisley trousers not the most amazing little trousers in the world?! I would never have even imagined myself wearing patterned trousers before but I was in Zara recently and saw these and fell completely in love! I've even bought myself a few more in different patterns. They are the perfect trousers, super flattering and super stretchy (just in case you eat a little too much cake at lunch - guilty)
Another white boho-esque blouse too... I think that may be 3 in my wardrobe now? You can never have too many white blouses, right? I mean, they do go with pretty much anything! I got this little number in the Zara sale (did I mention how much I love Zara?) it was around £7 and I couldn't really say no. I absolutely adore the detailing on this blouse too. Essentially, Zara can do no wrong!
And hey, I got purple hair!!
Thank you all so much for all your lovely comments on my last few posts, it means the absolute world, LOVE YA'LL!

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Seventies vibes

ASOS Jeans & bag/ Zara top & boots/ Vintage leather jacket
Major seventies vibes right now! So taking advantage of the good weather on a Saturday (look at that beautiful blue sky, when does that happen?!) my mumma and I went for a little walk so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get some outfit pictures in a different location. Unfortunately, working full time makes it hard to take pictures in more interesting spots! 
I bought this leather jacket a few years ago and rediscovered it in the far depths of my wardrobe this morning and fell completely back in love with it. It goes perfectly with my seventies-esque outfit I've got going on here. Did I mention how much I'm loving the seventies trend?
Oh, my Zara top of dreams, I don't think I could've found a more perfect white top if I tried. The detailing is just beautiful, a little revealing, but beautiful! I couldn't resist snapping it up. Oh, and the blue suede boots are back, they're unbelievably comfortable! I do feel as though I belong back in the seventies now...

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Culotte Lovin'

Topshop shirt/ H&M coat/ Vila (via ASOS) Culottes/ Asos loafers/ Mulberry bag
I think I'm dreaming of summer with this outfit, well, warmer weather anyway! I've fallen back in love with culottes, I had a few pairs last year but stopped wearing them because of the cold of the winter! I just love the awkward length of them and that they're so easy and comfy.

Also, how bright is this shirt?! I was a little out of my comfort zone, but it just looked so summery I couldn't resist!

I've also just noticed how much I talk about the weather in my posts, must be the English in me, we all seem to have some sort of obsession with the weather or is that just me?!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Wind is sadly not my friend...

Ebay Burberry-esque jacket/ Asos headband/ Mulberry bag/ Public Desire boots/ Zara dress
Okay, so apparently attempting to take outfit pictures, in a dress, with a headband, in the wind, does not work out as well as I'd hoped! (Hey, hey, awkward faces and nearly showing my undies) Unfortunately these were the best of the bunch, I'm just so in love with my new headband I had to post something asap! I do wish I had got a better picture of my Zara dress, although I do seem to be wearing it all the time these days...
I've had this 'Burberry' jacket for a while now and although I'm guessing the chances its real Burberry are slim to none I still love it. I feel like it just goes with everything and its pretty oversized so I can put a load of jumpers underneath and still be super cosy!
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post about my hair! Maybe I'll get around to doing a post on how I even achieved this colour (I even surprised myself with the slight purple hue I've got going on) I wish I could say it was completely on purpose!