Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Denim Dress of Dreams

H&M coat/ Topshop denim dress/ Asos bag/ Public Desire boots/ Topshop necklace (part of set)

I think its safe to say all things denim is slowing becoming an obsession of mine. There are so many amazing pieces out right now, I'm counting down the days until payday so I can buy them all! I actually got this dress a while ago in the sale, there was one left, in my size. Some would say that it was fate.

Another trend I am definitely feeling right now is the Seventies.. Everything about it is perfect. The make up, the fashion, the music. So, basically, this is a quick heads up on a tonne of Seventies inspired outfits coming your way.

Also, a quick thank you for the lovely comments on my last two posts. It makes me incredibly happy. Blogging is something I've wanted to do for so long now and I'm soooooo happy I've finally started.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Blue suede boots

Zara boots & shirt/ H&M jacket/ Asos bag & sunglasses/ Topshop trousers

Okay, are these boots just the most amazing things you've ever seen or what? I'd been lusting after them for a while and bit the bullet at the weekend and bought them. They're super comfy and just look at the colour, beautiful! I can't afford to eat for the rest of the week but at least my feet look good, right?

I'm also slightly in love with my H&M jacket, I bought it while I was on a weekend away in Paris (also along with what was essentially the whole of Sephora and Zara) the colours are not usually something I'd pick but in my head I thought it would look amazing with an all back outfit and maybe some beautiful blue suede boots! 

Friday, 20 February 2015

Oh, hey!

Aloha, bonjour, konnichiwa and welcome to We Wear Silver. Feeling slightly bizarre writing a greeting but here goes.. I'm Rhiannon and I'm 22 and this wee blog is basically going to be where I share my obsessions with the Internet world. Essentially filled with what im wearing and what I wish I could be wearing (champagne wishes on a beer budget). There may even be the odd beauty or food chat up on here. Keeping this short and sweet and adding a cheeky picture with one of my all time favourite drinks. Cheers and welcome to We Wear Silver!

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